img3We start developing the package that complies with all market requirements from procurement of high-quality certified raw materials, e.g. cardboard, paints, lacquers. Delivered raw materials are thoroughly tested in the laboratory as to compliance thereof with the quality standards and forwarded to manufacturing shops only subject to such compliance. BLITZ PACK works with a pool of reliable suppliers that have proved to be totally trustworthy throughout the entire time of cooperation. This is a guarantee of the invariably high quality of raw materials supplied to the factory.
One of the key factors of successful packaging printing is the process of pre-printing preparation of a mock-up. Modern software and high proficiency of our designers enable them to prepare mock-ups for printing within the shortest time possible.
Experienced specialists of the Technology Department offer optimal solutions, combining available technologies with customer requirements and specifications. Customer feedback is taken into consideration for development of subsequent solutions and makes it possible to maintain steadily high quality of all products made.
The factory Design Department can offer tailored design solutions that meet the wishes and ideas of a specific customer.