BLITZ PACK manufacturing facility possesses printing means that are most called-for in the market, enabling the company to implement even the most audacious ideas.
The factory has an opportunity to carry out both offset and rotogravure printing of cardboard packaging. For soft packaging, the method of flexographic printing with high lineatures (HD technology) is applied, making it possible to convey any colours and gradients without distortions.
For offset printing, UV and metalized paints, structural and matt UV lacquers are used. The technology of offset printing on non-absorbing surfaces (metalized cardboard, plastic, etc.) has been introduced. The technology of acrylic gold printing is applied to substitute for the visual effect of foil embossing.
The factory also has an opportunity to make the following products on the extrusion machine: barrier cardboard, PE-watered cardboard, PE-watered paper, some kinds of PE films.