People are one of BLITZ PACK’s major strategic resources ensuring the company’s competitiveness and successfulness in achievement of its strategic goals.

digitalsegment_header06bEmployees’ high level of proficiency and interest in the company’s overall performance are a guarantee of effective and stable business processes. BLITZ PACK devotes particular attention to employees’ involvement, loyalty, and satisfaction with their work.

Given the heightened requirements to personnel professional skills, one of the main tasks is to ensure continuous employee training. For one year, BLITZ PACK employees participate in specialized occupational training, including advanced training, as well as in other training programmes arranged by the company.

BLITZ PACK endeavours to provide all its employees with an opportunity to realize their personal career potential and ensures impartial assessment of employee performance. BLITZ PACK personnel performance is evaluated by personnel assessment committees, based on expert judgement of managers and supervisors and on efficiency and performance grades. When employees are inspected, their competencies and work efficiency, as well as personal and managerial (for managers) qualities and skills are evaluated. The personnel assessment system operates on the basis of ERP algorithm of SAP system (HR development module).

Owing to such multilevel assessment system, BLITZ PACK takes account of achievements and interests of all employees, which considerably increases the level of satisfaction of the personnel with their work and with the company on the whole.


number of employees 455

transparent system of qualification classes and personnel incentives

23 employees have undergone external training and are qualified as ISO and OHSAS internal auditors

20 employees are certified specialists under HACCP food safety management system

16 employees are certified specialists under «Forest Standard» system

60 % of workers are rated in the highest classes in their professions