For achievement of sustained brand awareness, product packaging must be expressive and attractive, and comply with expectations of final customers. Following this principle, BLITZ PACK factory carries out the complete set of works on cardboard packaging manufacture, starting with development of simple design solutions up to complex high-technology specimens with various decorative elements.Owing to the factory specialists’ creative approach to packaging manufacture, final customers will not remain indifferent to contents of the packaging. In order to develop an efficient high-quality specimen, it is necessary to apply an integrated approach to selection of cardboard for printing, to manufacturing technology and packaging design.

BLITZ PACK considers the task of specific packaging manufacture depending on the purpose of such packaging.The factory offers a wide range of decorative elements application for confectionery,since customers of such products are the most spoiled by the variety of packages. For baby food or fast food BLITZ PACK offers packaging with available application of food paints upon printing.In manufacture of packaging for detergents and other personal care products barrier properties of cardboard with the high quality of printing are emphasized, which is ensured owing to the advanced manufacturing technology. For the tobacco industry BLITZ PACK launches the most up-to-date technology of tobacco packaging manufacture.